Oldtimer Show 2021

16th Budapest Oldtimer Show

ATTENTION! New date! 16th Budapest Oldtimer Show 18-20 of June 2021 Budapest, Hungarian Railway History Park

OPENING HOURS: Fridays from 12:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Antique cars and motorbikes, known as trademarks of the Oldtimer Show, will continue to be on display this year. The Hungarian audience can finally see the world's first hybrid car: the 1916 Woods-Stanley electric-petrol-powered, wooden-wheeled giant car.

For the first time in front of the public, the Relic Carriage carrying St. Stephen's crown will be presented at the Oldtimer Show. The vehicle, which is extremely impressive, will be presented on track 28 of the locomotive-circular heating house.

In the spirit of traditionalism, there will again be a "Backyard and Craft Fair ". From the producers you will be able to buy directly the home-made sausages, cheese, honey, jam, spices, and many other delicacies!

The venue includes:

- free toilet and bathroom units,

- free parking (You can download a map of the parking lots and entrances by clicking here: https://www.oldtimershow.hu/berendezesi-terkep/)

The venue can also be approached via public transportation by the following means: https:/www.oldtimershow.hu/megkozelites/


Admission tickets can be purchased both on site with cash/credit cards and online via the application of the Mobilfizetési Zrt.

ADULT ticket* 5.000HUF

CHILDREN'S ticket* (under 14 years) 4.000HUF

SENIOR ticket* 4.000HUF

FAMILY ticket* (2 adults +2 children) 14. 000HUF

FRIDAY ticket (can only be used on Friday) 4.000HUF

*Tickets can be used for any day of the event.

Tickets are all daily admission tickets and entitle you to only one entry.


Due to the current on-going pandemic situation, there will be no possibility for visitors to stand together with hostess girls for making photos with them. We ask you to keep the 1.5m protective distance and to avoid crossing the cordon ropes!

Visitors are not allowed to bring in neither animals, pets nor food (except baby food) to the event. For further information please read our "Festival Policy": https://www.oldtimershow.hu/, or visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oldtimershow